We support and encourage professionals to support our local and regional community groups. Extending one’s hand to extend the life and happiness of others is too often neglected in the business world, and we take pride in the legal support we provide to make a difference in either one single life or for a whole community. Below we list some worthy organizations that we have been blessed to support in small ways:

We have helped The Ricci Institute and eRenlai in their fundraising efforts for a series of grassroots projects aimed at imrpoving the quality of life of migrant workers, the handicapped and poverty stricken communities in Taiwan and China.

Golden Bridges is a not-for-profit organization working to increase the impact of grassroots organizations that improve the lives of orphans, migrants, handicapped, and other marginalized communities in China.

We have provided continuous legal support to AnimalsTaiwan to support their efforts to provide a home for stray animals in Taiwan.

Located in Yilan, Taiwan, St. Mary’s Hospital started off in 1952 as a one story clinic containing 12 beds. Today, this hospital has expanded and developed into an 11 story complex with 600 plus beds. Through donations and auctions, we helped St. Mary’s Hospital raise NTD 5,000,000 during a Jazz Charity Concert Dinner held at the Westin Hotel.

The Environmental Education Media Project (EEMP) is dedicated to continuous research and collaborative learning in environmental, sustainable development, and public health subjects; and to producing, gathering and distributing high quality audio-visual materials to supportpublic awareness of these crucial issues.


Founded in 1992, American Voices’ original mission was to provide quality American cultural programming and understanding of American music and culture to the newly open societies of Central and Eastern Europe – it has since grown to encompass 18 time zones from Peru to the Philippines. We have helped American Voices establish a Jazz Association in Taipei.

We have supported efforts to raise awareness about the impact HIV/AIDS can have in the local business community.