Golden Bridges Announces Partnership to Support Surviving Children From Sichuan

Golden Bridges announced a partnership with the China Children and Teenagers' Fund and the Beijing Shuren-Ribet Private School to provide ongoing support to the “ShuMeng-ErMa” program, which provides housing and education to 126 impoverished Qiang minority children who were rescued from collapsed schools in the Wenchuan and Mao Counties in Sichuan.

Please join our Pamir colleagues in supporting this noble effort to give these children the gift of education, family and hope for a brighter future. With the click of a mouse, you can have a positive impact in many lives, either by sharing this information with your friends or by making a donation. A contribution of as little as 18 RMB (US $2.65) can be used to buy pure drinking water for a child for one month.

Click here to learn how to donate quickly and securely online.

"2008 was an amazing year for me. I experienced terrible disasters and extraordinary love."

-Wang Chengyao
ShuMeng-ErMa Program Student

To learn more about the program, the children and how to donate, please click here to visit the ShuMeng-ErMa website.