China Moves to Thwart “Runaway Foreign Investors”

All companies established in China, including foreign-invested enterprises, are obligated to follow certain procedures in accordance with China’s Company Law in order to wind up and dissolve their operations. In recent years, a number of foreign investors in China have abandoned their Chinese operations and fled the country, leaving behind bank loans and other unpaid debt and failing to pay salaries to their Chinese workers.

Domain Name Dispute Resolution in China and Taiwan

Owners of popular brands in China and Taiwan often fall pray to “cyber squatters” who register domain names related to their known products and services, and expect to be paid for transferring or renting domain registrations. Sometimes cybersquatters even register confusingly similar domain names just to divert or disrupt the business of a competitor.

Taiwan Seeks to Speed Up Invention Patent Applications

In a move widely expected to speed up approvals of patent applications, Taiwan’s government has announced that evidence of foreign patent applications may be submitted when applying for invention patents in Taiwan.

Taiwan to Join WTO’s Government Procurement Agreement

The government of Taiwan has announced that it will seek to join the Government Procurement Agreement (“GPA”), a plurilateral agreement organized and administered by the World Trade Organization that ensures fairness of competition between domestic and multinational enterprises bidding on government procurement, te

New Opportunities in the Era of Direct Cross-Strait Aviation

Partners Nicholas V. Chen and Michael D. Lee jointly delivered a keynote address titled “New Opportunities in the Era of Direct Cross-Strait Aviation” at the Third China Aeroleasing Summit, an elite gathering for executives and professionals in China’s aviation and aircraft leasing sector.

The presentation outlined numerous economic opportunities expected as a result of the historic November 4, 2008 agreement between Beijing and Taipei restoring direct air and sea transport links.