Taiwan Enacts Tax Incentives Benefiting Foreign Professionals

Taiwan companies that pay certain types of allowances and expenses on behalf of foreign professional employees will be able to claim such payments as company expenses for tax purposes following enactment of new regulations taking effect on January 1, 2009.  

Curacao Private Foundation as the Ideal Offshore Investment and Trust Vehicle

Pamir Law Group is pleased to announce that it now provides clients with assistance in establishing and operating the Curacao Private Foundation, an ideal vehicle for offshore investment and trust applications.

China’s Energy Market Presents Unprecedented Opportunities Following Recent Market and Legal Developments

As the world’s second-largest energy consumer after the United States, China’s energy sector accounted for half of worldwide growth in energy consumption last year.

According to Pamir Law Group Managing Partner Nicholas V. Chen, China’s energy sector is expected to virtually explode with growth in the next several years.