Fourth Link

Our professionals have assisted Chinese state enterprises in their operations overseas, including their establishment of presences abroad, movement of their personnel overseas, networking with local partners and supporting their varied legal and operational activities. We have acted in the finance, banking, media, steel, light industry, cultural and trading sectors. In addition, we have assisted numerous trade and cultural missions, industrial parks and municipalities in international exchanges.

We advise visionary management decision-makers of internationalizing Chinese enterprises who recognize the importance of having the institutional support of an experienced practical solution-oriented team of legal and business advisors. We help clients design, plan, implement and execute strategic policies and actions to actively assist their companies to compete for new markets, new technologies, new industry sectors, new products, key management personnel and new strategic partners.

We represent Chinese companies that are internationalizing who seek assistance with their activities overseas including finding new markets, new partners and new opportunities. We represent Chinese companies that are modernizing internal legal and operational infrastructure and capabilities domestically as they restructure to survive and compete.

Through TerraLex, we are able to offer our Greater China clients local expertise and counsel in over 160 jurisdictions.