Welcome TerraLex Members

Dear Delegates and Guests,On behalf of TerraLex and Pamir Law Group, we are honored and pleased to welcome all our friends to the 3rd Asia Pacific Regional Meeting (“APRM”) in Taipei, Taiwan. We are pleased that so many friends from around the world have decided to attend. All our member firms in Asia Pacific are represented and for the first time, we are able to play host to close to twenty-five of our colleagues (some with spouses) from mainland China. Their attendance in Taiwan is another example of how TerraLex bonds can successfully bridge across so many barriers. Like all of us, we know that you too look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones. We hope that your stay in Taiwan will be memorable for many good reasons. We also hope that it will be one of many future trips for both business and personal reasons. Pamir Law Group is deeply grateful for your deep commitment to come so far across the waters to our home.

This year’s APRM will be held at the newly renovated Sheraton Hotel Taipei. The Sheraton team, led by renowned hotelier and close friend Josef Dolp, provides a centrally located, world class service standard while fielding an amazing selection of absolutely superb dining experiences. As you will find out, during your wanderings, from the gym/spa to be rejuvenated to the humble coffee shop on the ground floor, it is almost impossible to not feel pampered and spoiled. After the long journey, this is the least one should expect. However, we have one caveat and disclaimer about this APRM: During the APRM, we have been assured by the Sheraton team that the food will be a wonderful culinary experience for the registrants. Pamir Law Group and TerraLex assume no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any weight gains incurred. You assume the risk.

This year’s program features outstanding speakers drawn from the global TerraLex membership as well as experts and dignitaries from leading MNC companies and in-house legal departments. We have invited friends from Consiglieri, a Greater China network of general/in-house counsels as well as executives from selected venture capital and private equity firms. In addition, Trade Representatives have also been invited to be our guests at meetings and social programs. This event is yet another opportunity for TerraLex members to meet, learn and share with each other as well as to interact with and befriend our Consiglieri, VC/PE and trade representative friends. It is our sincere hope that the friends and clients of Pamir Law Group will also become your friends and clients as well.

We have prepared extensive Social Programs which are available on the TerraLex and Pamir Law Group websites. The social programs consist of several types of programs: (i) Spouse/Guest programs which run parallel to the APRM, (ii) the City Day Tour on the Sunday (April 1) following completion of the APRM, and (iii) a 4-Day Island Post Conference Tour for all our friends, especially from China who may wish to stay and explore after the APRM.

The evening social programs on Friday and Saturday will be unmatchable anywhere! This challenge is issued from Taipei to future host cities as TerraLex continues to evolve and grow. While we may be unmatchable, we are confident that the future meeting will surpass each prior event. Having said this, Taipei raises the bar on Friday with "The Indispensable Party: Emperor Qin Shi Huang" at China Pa, a networking event with fusion cuisine unavailable anywhere else in Greater China (or your hometown favorite Chinese eatery). The theme of the evening is the first emperor that unified China. This is our symbolic coming together in Taipei. On Saturday, we join together in a “gathering of stars” at "Xing Qun Lounge: An Evening of Zen Atop the Taipei 101- The Soul of Asia Pacific." Inspired by all the Asia Pacific members working together as a region, every Asia Pacific cuisine is featured in active stations with a world wine tour from Bacchus’ global cellar. Subliminal cool ambient lounge music from Paris' greatest world music artists (Ravin’s Buddha Bar, Jose Padilla’s Café Del Mar and Stéphane Pompougnac's Hotel Costes) will waken your senses and “open your mind's eye.” This evening event will not only be at the top of the world’s tallest building, but also open your heart and soul to Be Zen. You will see the “Faces and Places” of our Asia Pacific members and the water, wood, earth, fire and metal of our Asia Pacific home worlds.

On behalf of everyone at Pamir Law Group, we thank you for blessing us with this precious chance to be together. We sincerely hope that your time in Taiwan and the memories and friendships that get made/deepened will become life-long cherished treasures. We honor and cherish all our friends, all of our fellow stars in the TerraLex “Xing Qun” Constellation. We give thanks especially to our colleagues Jacqui, Jamilee, Lucy, Rafael and our Chairman Charlie McCallum and his soul-mate Lois for all their support and invaluable guidance and teamwork.

We are here to make your Taiwan experience both enjoyable and memorable. If there is anything we can do for you, please let us know and we will do our best for you.

On Behalf of Pamir Law Group,

We remain in Friendship, Peace and Zen

Pamir Law Group Team, Proud Members of TerraLex