Yoon Yang Kim Shin & Yu

Address: 22nd Floor, ASEM Tower 159-1 Samsung-Dong Gangnam-Gu Seoul KOREA
Telephone: 82-2-6003-7000
Fax: 82-2-6003-7018
Web Site: www.yoonpartners.co.kr

TerraLex Representatives:

Jay K. Lee
Phone: 82 (2) 6003-7590
Fax: 82 (2) 6003-7018
Email: jklee@hwawoo.com

Judge Jin Ouk Kim
Phone: 82 (2) 6003-7000
Fax: 82 (2) 6003-7018
Email: kjo@hwawoo.com

Areas of Practice:

Corporate & International, Mergers and Acquisitions, Bankruptcy and Corporate Reorganizations, Foreign Investment, Overseas Investment, International Trade and Commerce, Fair Trade, Chinese Law, Labor and Employment, Maritime, Aviation and Insurance, Product Liability, International Controls, Venture Enterprises, Real Estate and Construction, Specialized Sales, Broadcast and Telecommunications

Firm History:

The firm was established in February 2003 through the merger of two leading firms in Korea, Yoon & Partners and Roh & Yang, in order to provide both domestic and foreign clients with a wider scope of high quality legal services through expansion and specialization. The firm earned the clients’ trust and received their high praise and support for the merger as it is viewed as being an ideal and successful model of synergy of two firms’ strength and merits. The firm merged with Kim Shin & Yu in March 2006, and became Yoon Yang Kim Shin & Yu to lead the advancement of legal services through the expansion and specialization of all of its practice areas. The firm also established an affiliate patent law firm in the same name in order to meet the demand for state-of-the-art legal services in the intellectual property area required by the knowledge and information society of this century. Prior to the merger, Yoon & Partners was a reputed law firm established in 1989 by Hoil Yoon, who brought 10 years experience as a partner at the international law firm of Baker & McKenzie. Yoon & Partners gained its reputation in the areas of international transactions, mergers and acquisitions, antitrust and fair trade, intellectual property rights, finance and international litigation. Roh & Yang was established in 1993 by Kyung Rae Roh and 6 other attorneys. Later, former judge Sam-Sung Yang was invited to join the firm as a joint managing partner, followed by former Chief Justice Kwan Yun and former Justice Kyung-Song Chun of the Korean Supreme Court and other renowned attorneys and grew into one of the most reputable law firms in Korea in the areas of general civil and criminal, tax, administrative, intellectual property, and medical litigations, corporate reorganization, and bankruptcy. Kim Shin & Yu, established in 1967, had been recognized as a pioneer in providing legal services to Korean and foreign clients for international business transactions. Under the leadership of Jin Ouk Kim and Rok Sang Yu, the firm had earned and maintained a reputation for excellence in bringing together Western concepts of law and business with the centuries-old East Asian tradition of commerce and judicature in particular in the areas of international transactions and intellectual property. Yoon Yang Kim Shin & Yu has successfully achieved its stated goals of the merger to provide better quality legal service as well as creating economies of scale in the areas of litigation and corporate and international transactions on the basis of the experiences, knowledge and reputation that the respective law firms had gained in different legal fields before the merger. The firm has a vision to grow into a world-class law firm based in Korea by achieving its goal of providing the highest quality legal services and by taking initiatives to practice the highest ethical principles and to realize democratic human relationships.