Xing Qun Lounge: An Evening of Zen Atop Taipei 101

Date:Saturday March 31, 2007 Time: 18:30 ~ 22:00 Location: Xin Yi Road Section 5, #7, 84F, Taipei 101 Tower Dress Code: Smart Casual *Please enter on the Second Floor of the Taipei 101 Tower for registration purposes before heading up to the 84th Floor.* Xing (星) (pronounced “shing”) means a single Star or many Stars. Qun (群) (pronounced “chying”) means a group, a collection, a gathering. Xing Qun (星群) means Constellation. Pamir Law Group is deeply honored to host the “Xing Qun Lounge” on top of the world’s tallest building. It is fitting that the skies over “The Taipei 101” will witness the coming together of so many stars, from so many different parts of the world to celebrate the friendships that connect us all together as the TerraLex Constellation. The Xing Qun Lounge has been inspired by all the TerraLex Asia Pacific firms working together as a region to present the special stars of the Asia Pacific night skies to our TerraLex friends worldwide. The cuisines of every Asia Pacific member will be featured in active stations throughout the evening. In addition, a world wine tour featuring the finest from Bacchus’ global cellars will help us all become in better touch with the basic essence of life and this existence. In order to waken the senses and “open the mind’s eye”, subliminal cool ambient lounge music from Paris’ greatest world music artists (Ravin’s Buddha Bar, Jose Padilla’s Café Del Mar and Stephane Pompougnac’s Hotel Costes) will help light the pathway on this step of our common journey to the stars. We hope that this mesmerizing Parisian aura helps your soul surf the rhythms and flows to take you to your own heightened and enlightened inner place. Your fellow Asia Pacific stars will share scenes from their home worlds so all can better know and understand the complexity and magic of Asia/Pacific…to begin to touch upon what is truly Fant-Asia. See the true essence of Asia Pacific through our collective presentation of the “Five Ancient Basic Elements” (water, wood, earth, fire and metal) and “Faces and Places”. Be Zen.