4-day Island Tour

Day 1 - Monday, April 2


Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village in Nantou

Taiwan’s thirteen main indigenous groups have common roots with the Polynesians and Pacific Island People. The Village is established to preserve the aboriginal culture of Taiwan and the ancestors’ efforts in passing on the culture. The Village introduces the characteristics and life styles of various aboriginal tribes. It is the only large cultural park in Taiwan giving a full picture of the aboriginal heritage and has a variety of entertainment and amusement facilities in the Village.

Sun Moon Lake Scenic Area

Sun Moon Lake is the greatest lake in Taiwan composed of diamond-shaped Sun Lake and curve-shaped Moon Lake. Sun Moon Lake's beauty lies in its tranquil turquoise water and the surrounding mountains, which layer upon one another as they recede into the misty distance and are reflected in the still waters of the lake.


Dinner: Puli’s Famous Shao Xing Wine Banquet.

Accommodation: Lakeside Resort in Puli.


Day 2 - Tuesday, April 3


Alishan Forest Recreation Area

The Alishan region presents a breathtaking variety of landscapes, vegetation, climatic zones and ethnic culture. It includes, among other things, mountain wilderness, four villages, waterfalls, high altitude tea plantations, a narrow gauge railroad and several hiking trails. The area is popular among tourists and mountain climbers, and Alishan or Mount Ali itself has become one of the major landmarks associated with Taiwan.

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Accommodation: Alishan Guest House


Day 3 - Wednesday, April 4


Dawn: Sunrise at Zhushan (One of the most popular vantage points for sunrise viewing)

About Tainan

Tainan, Taiwan's fourth largest city, is located in the southwestern part of the island and enjoys a warm climate year-round. The gentle-natured people of the city are warmly hospitable, and the relatively tranquil life there seems far removed from the hustle and bustle of modern urban life.

Tainan was established as the capital of Taiwan in 1661 by Koxinga after he took over the island from Dutch colonial rule. In 1684, the Qing Dynasty conquered Taiwan and established "Taiwan Fu" (Taiwan Government) as the first official local government in Taiwan. This was later renamed "Tainan Fu" in 1885 when Taiwan was established as a province. Because it was formerly the capital of Taiwan, Tainan is also called Fu-cheng (Government City).

Tainan’s unique history has left Tainan with a rich heritage and many historic sites. Tainan has the reputation of "Cultural City" which is well known on the island. As one of the oldest cities in Taiwan, Tainan began with the establishment of the Dutch port at Tayoan City (source of the name Taiwan and now called An-ping) in 1624. It also houses the First Confucian School/Temple built in 1665, the remains of the Northern and Southern gates of the old city and countless other historical monuments.

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Among the many Tainan snacks that are known far and wide are Coffin Cakes, bread in the shape of a coffin which has been hollowed out and stuffed; Pot-side Pancake Soup, made with rice dough spread on the side of a hot wok and scraped off in pieces; Rice Pudding flavored with various sweet or savoury ingredients; Eel Noodles; Crystal Pork Dumplings; and many more. These delicacies can be savored wherever snack vendors congregate, such as the Hsiaopei Night Market and Anping District.

(Source: http://www.asiatravelling.net/taiwan/tainan/tainan_culture.htm - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tainan_City)

Other historic sites in Tainan:


Chihkan Tower, Confucius Temple, Koxinga (Zheng Chen Gong) Shrine, Tour Eternal Golden Castle, Anping Fort

Tha trip to Tainan also features Anping Kwei Chih Restaurant, a well-known local restaurants that bring together a wide variety of local favorites.

Accommodation: NICE Prince Hotel in Chiayi

Nice Prince Hotel is an international hotel with high standard management system and the service quality of the Japanese Prince Hotel.

Day 4 - Thursday, April 5


About Chiayi:

Chiayi City is a provincial city located in southwest Taiwan. Formerly called Kagee during the late Qing Dynasty and Kagi during the Japanese period, its historical name in Chinese derives from the Taiwanese aboriginal word Tirosen. Some of the main attractions of Chiayi include Chiayi Park, Orchid Lake (also known as Dutch Lake or Holland Lake), University of Chiayi and Chiayi Museum.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chiayi

Morning: Take the High Speed Rail back to Taipei (Luggage will be carried back to Taipei by the bus.)

Taiwan High Speed Rail

Adopting Japan's Shinkansen technology for the core system, the Taiwan High Speed Rail trains travel from Taipei City to Kaohsiung City in roughly 90 minutes as opposed to the current 4-6 hours by conventional rail. The HSR platforms at Taipei Main Station are scheduled to open in February 2007.



Lunch: Banqiao HSR station- Taipei County Hakka Museum in Sanxia

Opened in July, 2005, the Taipei County Hakka Museum features aspects of the Hakka culture and also runs a restaurant serving authentic Hakka cuisine. Taiwan has a large Hakka population due to emperor Kangxi’s open immigration policy in the early Qing Dynasty.

Afternoon: Back to Taipei. Check in at Agora Hotel in Taipei. Free time to explore Taipei’s Xinyi District or elsewhere.


Xinyi District

Xinyi District is the seat of Taipei mayor's office and Taipei city council. The Taipei Convention Center, the Taipei World Trade Center, the Taipei 101 (and its mall), various shopping malls, the flagship Eslite Bookstore/Shopping Mall and a Multiplex Movie Theater make Xinyi the most cosmopolitan district of Taipei.


Optional Dinner at Xin Dong Nan Seafood Restaurant (cost not included in the package)

If you are a seafood lover, then this restaurant is your heaven. Even though it is located in Central Taipei, their seafood freshness is of par (if not above) with harbor eateries along the coastline.

If you do not wish to attend this dinner please check our "Things to do in Taipei" section for ideas.

Day 5 - Friday, April 6

Free day in Taipei.

(Depending on the tour selection, some may depart Taiwan this day.)

Day 6 - Saturday, April 7

Free day in Taipei. China friends return home.

(Depending on the tour selection, some may depart Taiwan this day.)