Weekend Flower Market - 建國假日花市 Under the Jian Guo Bridge. Entrance at the intersection of Xin Yi Road & Jian Guo Road. 建國南路高架橋下 (建國路和信義路交叉口)Opening Hours: Saturday & Sunday 09:00-18:00 Brighten up your life a bit by going to the flower market. On weekends, hundreds of vendors from all over the island gather here to sell all sorts of flowers. Here’s the perfect opportunity to bring a smile to your significant other. N/A
Weekend Jade Market - 建國假日玉市 Under the Jian Guo Bridge. Entrance at the intersection of Xin Yi Road & Jian Guo Road. 建國南路高架橋下 (建國路和信義路交叉口) Opening Hours: Saturday & Sunday 09:00-18:00 Open only on weekends, this Jade & Crafts Market holds over 840 booths and is the largest Jade Market in the whole Southeast Asia. With affordable prices, be careful not to get over zealous and go bankrupt after a fruitful afternoon at this market. N/A
Jason’s Market Place B1, 45, ShiFu Rd. Telephone: 8101-8701 Opening Hours: 10:00 - 22:00 Conveniently located in the basement of Taipei 101, Jason’s Market Place is one of the premier supermarkets in Taiwan. 45% of their goods are imported, and the manager strives to put on shelves all the products you ask for. N/A
Guang Hwa Computer Market - 光華商場 Cheap electronics, one of the main attractions of Taiwan, is in its full glory at Guang Hwa Computer Market. Bring out your inner geek and shop to your heart's content. N/A
Di Hua Street - 迪化街 Entrance to market located at the intersection of Ming Sheng West Road and Di Hua Street. 民生西路與迪化街口 Public Transportation Directions (in Chinese) The Di Hua Street is famous for its traditional merchandise (fabric, crafts, chinese medicine and herbs) and buildings. Thousands of people flock to the street for goods used during the Lunar New Year. N/A
Nan Men Market - 南門市場 Roosevelt Rd. Sec. 1 & Nan Hai Rd. Intersection 羅斯福路一段與南海路口 Opening Hours: 06:00 - 18:00 For those who sleep and wake early, the Nan Men Market is the perfect place to go. Open at 6:00AM, the area provides a dazzling array of food for your enjoyment. N/A
Fu He Bridge Flea Market - 福和橋跳蚤市場 Under the Fu He Bridge Opening Hours: 07:00 – 13:00 Antique collectors and bargain shoppers come together at flea markets for a kind of shopping that neither night markets nor department stores can provide. Among the piles of second-hand junk are vintage clothing and housewares, valuable antiques, and the uniquely bizarre items one only finds at a flea market. N/A