Representative Transactions | Intellectual Property/Anticounterfeiting

Pamir Law Group assists clients to tailor strategies to maximize the protection of as well as economic benefit from their intellectual property. We provide the full range of registration, enforcement, licensing and intellectual property management services and design anti-counterfeiting programs to address specific needs.

Register trademark for a reputable Shanghai bar and file opposition and application for review of refusal
Advise multinational bicycle components manufacturer in US $6 million civil, criminal and trademark invalidation claims against counterfeiter of bicycle parts.
Represent NYSE petrochemical company in enforcing their judgments to protect proprietary processes.
Represent US tobacco brand owner in anti-counterfeiting program to stem exports to the US.
Represent multinational peripherals company in their anti-counterfeiting program in Jiangsu.
Represent Japanese video game developer in strategic planning for anti-counterfeiting in US/Greater China triangle.
Represent technology companies on full range of licensing, intellectual property and know-how protection including bio-life processes, designs, and patents in the converging telecom/media/IT space in Greater China.
Represent multinational companies in the strategic planning and re-designing of their anti-counterfeiting programs in consumer products, tobacco, machinery and equipment and high technology areas including enforcement actions and litigation.
Represent a high-technology company in patent infringement litigation.
Design trade secret protection program for numerous U.S.-based private automobile part manufacturing companies for their operations in China.
Advise multi-national, public semiconductor company on strategies to handle trade secret theft, intellectual property infringement and industrial espionage by its major competitor in China and Taiwan.
Represented Taiwan yoga studio chain in a Trademark invalidation process and succeeded in having the disputed trademark invalidated.
Represented a US bicycle brake systems manufacturer against a Taiwan company which infringed on the client’s drawing and design.