Representative Transactions - Private Equity/Venture Capital - Telecommunications

Represent multinational telecom groups on corporate and regulatory issues in China and Taiwan including frame relay, VOIP, lease structures, consortium building and bidding on GSM, PCS, CDMA, digital satellite/terrestrial/cable TV, WLAN, broadband, lobbying, licensing and contract matters.
Represent numerous clients in regulatory issues in connection with the acquisition and establishment of data centers in Taiwan.
Assist clients in applying for and obtaining Type I and Type II Telecommunications Licenses in Taiwan.
Represent the only licensed fixed-line carrier in Taiwan to negotiate interconnection and access arrangements and analyze costing, technical and regulatory legal issues.
Represent a Hong Kong satellite company in its evaluation of U.S. public listing strategies and technology issues.
Advise on the establishment of the leading global internet services provider’s regional head office in Hong Kong.
Provide commercial and regulatory advice, and drafting and negotiating documentation for commercial and satellite broadcasters in Asia/Pacific, including involvement in acquisitions of commercial radio broadcasters, negotiations for uplinking and downlinking and commercial television licenses, and due diligence activities concerning international/foreign offerings.
Provide commercial and regulatory advice, drafting and negotiating documentation, and conducting due diligence for various telecommunications projects in Asia-Pacific, including fixed line, wireless, broadband, international/local, interconnection, Internet, ISDN, GSM, PCS, VOIP, VOFR, VPNS and VSAT.
Advise Hong Kong-based PCS operator in the acquisition of HK $1 billion worth of telecommunications equipment, software and services, including negotiation of equipment and financing arrangements.
Advise on regulatory aspects and implementation of a U.S. $10 billion global acquisition of a global networking business, including assets and employees in over fifty countries.
Advise on regulatory aspects and implementation of a U.S. $7 billion global joint venture merging all international operations of two of the biggest telecommunications companies in the world.