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Minimising Corporate Liability: Advice from Outside Counsel

Jian Zhang was featured in a report titled “Minimising Corporate Liability: Advice from Outside Counsel”, published by IR Global. In the report, IR Global members offer their unique jurisdictional perspective on Director Duties and Liabilities & Reporting to the Board. The following excerpts from Jian Zhang’s answers to the questions in connection with China jurisdictions […]

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Is Your Company a ‘Boiling Frog’? What Should Be Done Before It’s Too Late?

There is a popular metaphor in business circles about a 19th century experiment in which researchers concluded that frogs, when thrown into a pot of boiling water, would jump out to survive; but if the frog was placed in a pot of cold water where the temperature was raised slowly, the frog would be unable to sense the small changes in temperature and would eventually boil to death.

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