Subject: Outbound Investment

This page archives all topics related to outbound investment. Pamir Law Group provides tailored solutions to outbound investment for clients across the world.

Outbound Investment

We support senior management in every stage of the process, from international expansion strategy development, implementation planning and execution, to Mergers and acquisitions, partner matching for new market entry, sales/distribution, supply chain/sourcing, branding and technology transfer, negotiation as well as providing ongoing overseas operational support…

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Is Your Company a ‘Boiling Frog’? What Should Be Done Before It’s Too Late?

There is a popular metaphor in business circles about a 19th century experiment in which researchers concluded that frogs, when thrown into a pot of boiling water, would jump out to survive; but if the frog was placed in a pot of cold water where the temperature was raised slowly, the frog would be unable to sense the small changes in temperature and would eventually boil to death.

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