We provide families with practical guidance and advice to secure their future abroad. We hold hands with them to “cross the street” safely so they can achieve their goals and dreams. We help families with relocation decisions, international asset management and planning issues by providing “end to end” support to ensure a safe and successful journey.

We to assist our clients to make the “best fit” decision by understanding and analyzing their needs, and recommending the most suitable relocation options and programs. We determine the right place to consider relocating for work, investment or otherwise by analyzing a mix of holistic considerations such as next generation educational needs, social stability, better future living conditions, local community support, confidentiality, safety, positioning of the family for the future, convenience of travel and other factors.

In addition, we assist families to make efficient and effective multi-generational asset preservation and tax planning decisions to protect their wealth and their family’s future. The long-term best interest of our clients and their families is our shared goal. We know that we must secure “right-fit” relocation solutions since we must protect the trust and preserve the futures of our clients. As trustworthy professionals, we are responsible for:

  • protecting our clients in a safe crossing over to a new land, and
  • ensuring a safe arrival, and
  • providing re-settlement assistance at the destination.

Pamir cooperates with an international network of local co-counsels who have extensive localization, overseas immigration and relocation experience in their home jurisdictions. Our priority is to minimize risk, maximize opportunity, and ensure that the families who place their trust in us and our partners have a safe and comfortable transition into their new lives abroad. Each family will be assigned a personal adviser who will look after their needs during the entire process, coordinate and facilitate communication, and ensure a seamless continuity of strategy and service

Post-Approval Relocation Support

Once a client and their family has successfully completed their application and immigration, we coordinate with mandarin-speaking local service providers to ensure a comfortable arrival and transition period. This includes:

  • Welcome Package: An overview of the selected city, along with recommendations for specific residential areas, schools, properties, clusters of Chinese communities, if any, mandarin-language media and support groups, as well as mandarin-speaking service providers.
  • Orientation Visit: Initial visit for the family to become familiarized with a desired city and to explore residential areas, properties and schools. Includes airport pickup, hotels, transportation and a mandarin-speaking concierge. Real Estate Search: Either as part of the orientation visit or at a later date, our team can arrange appointments for the family to visit properties available in the desired city. We will arrange either English-speaking real estate agents, or a mandarin-speaking concierge to accompany the family.
  • Concierge Service: Our team can arrange for a local mandarin-speaking concierge to assist the family in any miscellaneous aspects of settling in the new city, such as opening bank accounts, registering for utilities, interacting with the local government if necessary, contacting local plumbers, electricians, and other household service providers, car rental or purchase, driver license application, and others.
  • School Search: Our team can help the family identify and evaluate international or local schools in the area, and introduce local professionals to assist with visits and admission process. We are also able to introduce service providers who can assist family members prepare for university admission exams while they are in China.
  • Language Courses: Our team can help the family identify and evaluate different options to learn the local language, if needed.
  • Introduction to Mandarin-Speaking Service Professionals: If available, our team will arrange introductions to local mandarin-speaking lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, doctors, and insurance professionals.

We ensure that families benefit from:

Someone who understands your family’s needs and support as a cultural and language bridge, and A local counsel who will be responsible for navigating the process safely, and Local professionals who can assist with housing, education, banks and all the things needed to re-settle and set up a new life.

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