The UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur Residence Program

(The UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa is no longer available for submitting applications. If you want to start a business in the UK, the UK government has launched new immigration programs: Startup Visa and Innovator Visa.)

This UK tier 1 entrepreneur visa program allows qualified Applicants to invest in, acquire, or start a business in the United Kingdom while providing resident status and a pathway to UK citizenship for them and their families. We provide comprehensive end-to-end advisory, coaching, and support services that maximize our clients’ success.

This program is designed for skilled entrepreneurs with business experience who can successfully run a business in the UK. To qualify for this program, Applicants must demonstrate:

  • Sufficient English language proficiency
  • Relevant business experience and skills
  • Ability to invest at least £200,000 in the business, and to support themselves and their family while living in the UK.

The Problem: Lack of Support for Applicants During Planning Stage

Approximately 73% of Chinese applicants are rejected by the British Embassy/Home Office, usually because their business plan is underdeveloped or they are unprepared to successfully present and defend their business plan during the interview stage of the application process. To date, we have achieved a 100% success rate for Tier 1 visa applicants.

Our Advisory Service: The Solution

To help Chinese families to successfully achieve their dream of living and working in the UK, Pamir Law Group, in partnership with London-based Tier 1 Global Business Consultants provide the following advisory services:

  • Conduct thorough interviews to determine whether a candidate has the necessary skills to apply successfully;
  • Conduct third party background checks and source of funds reports to be included in the application;
  • Assist with identification, evaluation and selection of acquisition targets if the applicant chooses to acquire a business;
  • Assist with the development of a thoroughly researched business plan clearly demonstrating how the business will succeed;
  • Coach applicants thoroughly to defend their business plan in their interview with the UK Home Office;
  • Prepare and submit the necessary documents for the visa application.

Following a successful application, we offer optional support services to ensure our clients’ transition to life in a new country is as comfortable as possible:

  • Family Relocation Services to set up a base for living in the UK
  • Education Consulting Services for the applicant’s children
  • Ongoing Business Support Services

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