At Pamir Law Group, we care about each colleague as an important part of a diverse and integrated community. We seek well-rounded, internationally-minded, and highly-motivated candidates who exhibit leadership and teaming skills, are dedicated to a career and commitment to contributing to human progress and economic growth in Asia.

Our professionals are recruited from leading Law schools and law firms globally. As a diverse team of professionals from a variety of educational, cultural, political, racial and ethnic backgrounds, we emphasize diversity, open-mindedness, creative thinking and leadership skills. We seek people who have a demonstrated enthusiasm to law and commitment to finding innovative and practical solutions to legal and business problems.

We offer a welcoming and challenging work environment that strives to balance work and personal lives, as well as a window to the great pleasures of living in Taiwan and China.

There are various legal career opportunities as well as administrative opportunities available throughout the year at Pamir. Please send your resume/CV in writing or by email to:

Pamir Law Group

7F, No. 214, Dunhua North Road,
Song Shan District,
Taipei 10546, Taiwan
Tel: +886-2-5588-1799 ext. 772
Fax: +886-2-5588-1790