Commercial Litigation

Pamir Law Group, along with appropriate local counsel and other professionals as required by the case, supports clients with commercial litigation services in Taiwan and China. This may include commercial contract and intellectual property disputes, Pre-Judgment Attachments, Compulsory Executions, Collections, Computer/Internet Fraud and overseas litigation support.

We provide the following commercial litigation services:

Commercial Contract Litigation

Provide strategic pre-litigation planning and risk analysis and conduct commercial litigation with the focus on achieving the most beneficial and efficient solution compatible with clients’ business goals, which may include settlement negotiations as well as coordinating with local counsel in whatever forum may be appropriate.

Overseas Commercial Litigation Support

We assist in pre-litigation planning and preparation, including strategies on enforceability, letters rogatory, service of process, recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments, providing legal opinions, filings to the appropriate government authorities and courts, representing foreign clients at court hearings and trials. International proceedings in cross-border disputes need to be planned and structured, allocating resources and professional skill sets to match the jurisdiction and circumstances. The issues may involve intellectual property, commercial claims, regulatory or compliance, bankruptcy/re-organization/restructuring or a wide variety of other issues. Procedural and substantive issues will need to be managed coordinatiliting professionals with different licenses and skill sets to achieve the desired results. Electronic discovery and forensic methodologies may be required depending on the location and nature of the claims.

Prejudgment Attachment

Design strategies to recover assets or damages, using pre-judgment attachment orders, where permissible, to prevent the transfer or disposal of assets or evidence prior to final resolution of the dispute.

Arbitration, Mediation and ADR

Develop timely strategies for negotiations and tribunal selection, and representing clients at hearings to achieve arbitration/mediation awards or settlements.

Compulsory Execution

Assist in enforcing liens, pledges and guarantee agreements, participating in auction bids, and provision of legal opinions concerning property acquisition through enforcement procedures.


Design and implement customized collection programs to handle all aspects of debt collection, including, credit search, pre-judgment attachment, civil action, judgment enforcement, etc.

Computer/Internet Fraud

File criminal charges and support local prosecutors on behalf of clients who are victims of fraudulent commercial transactions (online auctions, market manipulation schemes), identity theft (phishing), hacking/trade secrets theft and distributed denial of service attacks.