Partner Evaluation & Partner Selection

Evaluating and selecting the right business partners is often critical to the success or failure of your operation in Greater China. Every business has key external partners, be they investors, acquisition targets, service providers, suppliers, or distributors. If these partners fail to be reliable, credible, professional or financially/politically/ethically capable, the viability of your entire business could be at risk.

We understand that the drafting of a contract is often the last step of the process, and therefore aim to provide a complete solution with the entire process of evaluating and selecting key partners in China and Taiwan, including:

  • Develop ideal partner profile and prioritized list of evaluation criteria (size, geographic location, capabilities, previous experience, etc.)
  • Develop client introductory materials, focused on communicating why your organization would be a good partner as well.
  • Produce Long List of Potential partners (including a list as well as anonymous profiles or “teasers”).
  • Determine which Targets to approach concurrently, sequentially, consecutively, or as an auction.
  • Produce Additional Information Package for Shortlisted Candidates. Prepare and secure NDAs from both parties before further information exchange, if needed.
  • Initial Approach to Shortlisted Targets to Determine Interest Level.
  • Exploratory Meetings with Targets that Reciprocate Interest.
  • Partnership terms negotiation
  • Agreement documentation
  • Post-agreement operational support to client and/or partner, if needed.