Intellectual Property Protection

Pamir Law Group assists clients to tailor strategies to maximize the protection of as well as economic benefit from their intellectual property. We provide the full range of registration, enforcement, licensing and intellectual property management services and design anti-counterfeiting programs to address specific needs.

We provide the following Intellectual Property Protection services:


We assist clients with Taiwan, China, U.S. and worldwide registration of trademarks, copyrights and patents as well as crafting practical solutions following industry best practices to protect proprietary know-how and industrial trade secrets.


We develop and execute strategies to enforce intellectual property rights and combat counterfeiting by combining “legal” and “market” methods.

We believe that civil and administrative remedies by themselves are not sufficient to remedy or prevent piracy activities and that criminal sanctions are needed since only by creating fear does one change behavior.

We craft practical solutions such as:

  • Coordinate and train private investigators.
  • Cooperate with law enforcement agencies.
  • Execute raids, secure and document admissible evidence.
  • Legislative and law reform programs to increase punishment for counterfeiters.
  • Coordinate educational awareness with executive/administrative/judicial government agencies, industry associations and media organizations to maximize the impact of enforcement efforts in the region.

We have represented companies in multi-faceted campaigns to protect internationally-recognized name brands, technologies and know-how throughout Greater China in such diverse areas as silicon-based technologies and know-how, a broad range of consumer products, industrial products and designs.

We have advised clients on all aspects of conducting anti-counterfeiting campaigns, including liaising with government agencies and law enforcement, publicity control and conducting raids.

We have organized local litigation teams in enforcement actions which have resulted in numerous criminal convictions and imprisonment of pirates in consumer products, technology and industrial cases.


We advise clients on all aspects of intellectual property licensing matters, including corporate structures to minimize tax in cross-border transactions. We have extensive experience in handling corporate and intellectual property licensing matters on behalf of private high technology companies and their shareholders.

IP Management

Pamir has represented venture capital and private equity investors, incubators, and technology companies in transactions ranging from cross border investment, capital markets, mergers & acquisitions, tax, project finance to intellectual property protection in China and Taiwan. We have represented private companies as well as public companies in the entire life cycle of growing business enterprises.