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Is Your Company a ‘Boiling Frog’? What Should Be Done Before It’s Too Late?

There is a popular metaphor in business circles about a 19th century experiment in which researchers concluded that frogs, when thrown into a pot of boiling water, would jump out to survive; but if the frog was placed in a pot of cold water where the temperature was raised slowly, the frog would be unable to sense the small changes in temperature and would eventually boil to death.

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Wanderers At the Ends of the Earth

For centuries, many Chinese have ventured abroad to seek opportunities. Some come back home regularly, some have never come home. The stories are as many as the drops of water in an ocean.

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10 Practical Tips for Successful Chinese ODI Companies

Many Chinese companies seek to internationalize their future growth overseas, either in specific countries, regions or even globally. There are many stories about why Chinese companies fail to achieve their goals when doing business abroad. This article is not one of those kinds of articles. This article focuses on what China companies can do to improve their ODI success probability.

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CRS: The Greatest Threat to Family Private Wealth and Privacy

The Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development’s (“OECD”) new Common Reporting Standard (“CRS”) will allow over 100 governments to access the personal financial data of overseas account holders and owners of trusts and foundations. This article is part of a series on the new regime.

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