Market Entry Strategy & Advisory

Establishing a successful China operation requires extensive knowledge about the local business, cultural, regulatory and economic environment. Our team of multidisciplinary professionals provides over 30 years of experience and a deep understanding of all these factors to help develop a successful Greater China market entry strategy for your organization.

We work with clients to:

  • Articulate and prioritize their market entry goals.
  • Examine actual market conditions, opportunities and obstacles to establishing a successful market entry operation.
  • Identify the current players in the client’s sector, competitors and potential co-operators and establish a matrix of criteria to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Identify and prioritize potential market entry strategies and develop and plan potential business models.

Our market entry consulting service consists of three stages:

Stage 1- Background Briefing

Project Goals & Parameters Definition

To ensure that we have accurate and clear information about the client’s priorities and concerns, we work with them to develop a clear written statement of their Greater China business goals and considerations. To that effect, we interview clients’ representatives in depth about their business assumptions, expectations and goals for the project. After obtaining a clear understanding of the client’s current market position, their operations and its perceived strengths and weaknesses, we deliver a written market entry summary to the client.

Market Research

We prepare a report summarising the current market situation based on interviews with organisations/groups impacting the client’s business development in China and Taiwan for a detailed understanding of market conditions including business opportunities, competitive framework and the relevant regulatory and government policy regimes. The report is based on market research of publicly available sources and interviews with stakeholders. Our report includes at least the following sections:

  • A Summary of the selected industry:
    • Current Situation and Market Characteristics of the selected industry.
    • Analysis of Relevant Economic Policy and Effect of Regulations.
    • Current Market Scope.
  • Market Development Trends and Forecast of Market Size for the Coming Three Years:
    • The Future Development Trends of the Selected Market for the Coming Three Years.
    • Market Size Forecast for the Selected Market for the Coming Three Years

What’s included in this Market/Industry Research Report

Stage 2 – Candidates, Competitors & Business Partners

In this stage, we summarize and report on the key players in the selected industry in Greater China. This report is based on market research of publicly available sources and on key feedback from interviews with relevant organizations as well as detailed market surveys and background checks which include:

Stakeholders Target Issues
Players, Competitors, Potential Partners, Agents, Distributors Supply and Demand Situation, Competitive Environment, Logistics, Industry Trends, Industry Leaders and Losers
Candidate Joint Venture Partners Strengths, Weaknesses, Financial Performance, Management Team, etc.

Our report for Stage 2 includes at least the following sections:

  • Domestic Competitors Analysis
  • Market Competitive Situation Analysis

After presenting this report to the client, a series of Background checks will be performed for selected players or joint venture partner candidates.

Stage 3 – Market Entry Strategy & Tactical Plan Development

Based on the information obtained and presented in Stages 1 and 2, we produce a review of possible business models and paradigms, and detail our suggestions for the client. Our report for Stage 3 includes at least the following sections:

  • Possible Target Strategies
  • Possible Product Strategies
  • Possible Pricing Strategies
  • Possible Strategies on Market Channel
Business Plan Blueprint

Upon completion of all three stages above, a new project can be started to develop a Business Plan Blueprint which sets out the specific teaming and action plan for the new venture. The report covers many practical as well as strategic items to design, build, partner and implement the operation. After the operation is successfully set up, we are also able to provide on-going marketing, HR and operational support.