Government Relations

We provide business and legal expertise as well as strong relationship networks to assist clients with their project-based communication and law reform goals in the US, China and Taiwan. Our consultants partner with clients to create strategies, tactics, entire programs and opportunities that benefit their interests. We have assisted clients to introduce, pass and amend legislation and policy at national, provincial/state and local levels.

We provide the following government relation services:

  • Assist Clients to Identify Primary and Secondary Goals.
  • Develop Strategic and Tactical Plans to Articulate, Evaluate and Prioritize Different Approaches, Programs, Events and Meetings.
  • Develop Profiles of Relevant Government and Opinion-Making Targets.
  • Set Up and Assist with Approaches, Programs, Events and Meetings, as needed.
  • Represent Clients Before Policy-Makers, Law-Makers and Opinion-Makers.
  • Monitor and Analyze Legislation.
  • Draft and Revise Legislation.
  • Analyze Relative Interests, Voting Records and Constituencies.