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Pamir Law Group advises company Boards of Directors, shareholders and management teams on issues such as internal governance, and interactions with external stakeholders, such as government, regional customs agencies, suppliers, vendors/vendees, and the community. Our lawyers also support clients in day-to-day corporate matters as well as to design, plan, and implement Corporate Social Responsibility ("CSR") programs.

We assist clients to:

  • Design, draft and negotiate single and multi-tier joint ventures.

  • Structure domestic and overseas companies, including liaison offices, representative offices, branches, and subsidiaries.

  • Process work permits and alien resident certificates ("ARC") for expatriate managers and employees.

  • Form companies and obtain foreign investment approval ("FIA") from governmental authorities.

  • Obtain tax incentives for the contribution and transfer of technology.

  • Draft and negotiate commercial agreements of all kinds, including merger and stock acquisition agreements, asset sale and purchase agreements, and leases of all types.

  • Advise with respect to outbound investments worldwide.

  • Incorporation of offshore subsidiaries or companies

  • Application for special business permits and licenses

  • Trademark registrations, technology licensing and advice on how to protect intellectual property

  • Corporate secretary services and chop control procedures

  • Shareholder and Board of Directors resolutions and meeting documents

  • Amendments to corporate registration.