The Challenge

Multi-jurisdiction US litigation with e-discovery requirements involving China/Taiwan based parties and documents requires US litigation counsel to have the ability to collect, track, manage, translate massive volumes of Chinese language documents in a manner that recognizes and accounts for linguistic differences across the Chinese speaking territories as well as Asia-based client corporate cultural realities.

Our Approach

Our experience in multiple legal systems, languages/cultures and relationship building skills ensured strong management of complex contested situations including the multilingual evidence gathering, e-discovery, coordination of international counsel/client relationship, coordination with conflicts counsel for senior executives, management of document collection, tracking and management of massive volumes of Chinese language documents including the implementation of a translation system that included:

  • Selection and screening of qualified translators
  • Development of glossary for consistency in translations
  • Management of review and revision process to insure both linguistic and content quality control

Client and international counsel coordination to ensure full compliance with regulatory authorities’ requirements.

The Result

The client was able to meet court deadlines and litigation requirements for document preservation and production in a cost effective manner. This avoided fines and penalties enhancing negotiation advantages in both litigation as well as settlement discussion.