The Challenge

A Japanese video game company suffered global counterfeiting problems across its supply chain, from chipset production through retail channels, mostly centered in China and Taiwan.

Our Approach

The “first call” resulted in a complete enforcement plan overhaul and implementation over several years. The enforcement plan included a campaign to cut off the source of the counterfeit chipsets to choke off fake products down the retail supply chain. Cooperation and training programs were created and maintained with detection, customs, enforcement, prosecution and legislative/trade officials in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and USA to implement widespread interdiction of contraband. Zero tolerance was implemented because of sustainable commitment and resources of client.

The Result

The client built an effective zero tolerance Greater China regional intellectual property protection and enforcement program which combined operational and supply chain enforcement programs cooperating with multiple governments including law enforcement organs, customs and trade agencies in a combined legal/business approach which reduced counterfeiting and increased sales.