The Challenge

A US high-performance components manufacturer faced unauthorized registration of its trademarks in China and Taiwan, as well as theft of all its customers, corporate identity and trade secrets by its disgruntled local agent in violation of agency agreements and trademark law.

Our Approach

Following a costly two year losing effort with two other advisors, following a call to another Pamir client, this client placed a “first call” to Pamir which resulted in the re-design of the IP litigation strategies and tactics, leading to the filing of criminal and ancillary civil actions for unauthorized trademark registration and theft of trade secrets including customer lists and other proprietary information. Court-ordered raids were engineered and led to the arrest of the responsible persons and the acquisition of critical evidence leading to criminal indictments, which raised the potential for long-term prison sentences.

The Result

Comprehensive settlements were secured as a result. This process took just over one year.