Premium Company Background Check Report for China

Details of Premium Company Background Check Report for China as shown below. Pamir Law Group can perform the background checks to help you ensure that the backgrounds of your potential partners do not become a reputational/financial/legal liability.

For other types of background checks please see our Background Checks & Investigation page.

Company and Key Personal Background Check Report

Investigation Areas

  1. Credit Rating & Risk Index
  2. Legal Name and Address
  3. Registry No. & Office & Registered Capital (Telephone, Facsimile, Area Code, Legal Form and Company Size)
  4. Branch & Subsidiary
  5. Capital Structure & Shareholders
  6. Change on Registration Information
  7. Principals
  8. Employees
  9. Facilities & Property
  10. Trademark &Patent, Manufactured License (*1)
  11. Purchase Information (Raw Materials and Products) & Payment Terms
  12. Sales Information & Collection Terms
  13. Credit Record
  14. Financial Information- Financial Statement & Ratios & Comparison with Industry Average (*2)
  15. Bank Information
  16. Civil and Criminal Litigation and Other Law Enforcement Actions (*1)
  17. Bankruptcy Records
  18. Industry Analysis
  19. History
  20. Business Status& Ranks (*1)
  21. Prospects
  22. Negative Internet/Media Search
  23. Background of one selected key individual (up to 2 individuals). Includes: personal information, related companies where individual is shareholder or responsible person, employment history, negative internet/media search, litigation, bankruptcy and law enforcement actions, personal references check
  24. Business intelligence findings. A team of experienced investigators is deployed to collect information about the company and individuals from company insiders, suppliers, customers, reporters, or related members of the local business community. Sources vary on a case by case basis.
  • All information above is subject to availability on a case by case basis.
  • Information sources are from actual investigation and registry office.
  • (*1) Report provides most updated information available at the time
  • (*2) Financial Statements are only provided if they have been previously volunteered by the target to a commercial database service provider.

Languages for Reports

  • English or Chinese
  • Translation of the report into other languages is also available upon request.

Range of Reports

Public and Private Companies

Information Required to Conduct the Search

  1. Company Name Written in Chinese
  2. Company Address (If Possible)
  3. Company Telephone Number (If Possible)
  4. Company Registration Number (If Possible)
  5. Name and title of selected individuals (English and Chinese)

Working Days Required

7-10 days (may vary depending on the case)

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