Forged in PurgatoryForged in Purgatory was reviewed by syndicated columnist Frank Ching yesterday. His review, which appeared in many major English-language newspapers in the Asia Pacific region, can be read here.

Translating and publishing Forged in Purgatory was a four year effort by many Pamir colleagues who feel it is important to share with the world the first-ever personal account of the Cultural Revolution written and published by a high ranking political insider in English. The book is available on in paperback and Kindle versions. Please feel free to share. All proceeds from this book will be dedicated to promoting legal education and building rule of law in China.

More information about the author and the book can be found here.

“On one level, this book is about a remarkable, resourceful and ingenious person with an indomitable spirit who survived against all odds. But on a deeper level, this is about a country torn apart by the madness of a single person, who was worshipped by his people as a great leader, great teacher, great supreme commander and great helmsman but who cared more for himself than for his people.”

-Frank Ching