I China Forum

We are proud to announce that iChinaForum.com is now online, featuring video interviews with seasoned China experts with decades of success, sharing practical hands-on lessons from the front lines of Greater China. We hope this new resource is useful to all our clients and friends. The main goal of iChinaForum is to present to the world the real face of a rapidly changing China. We present candid views and inside knowledge on current trends in China from Chinese and international direct participants. iChinaForum provides sharper insight, foresight, and hindsight, on China’s progress, growth and evolution. By focusing on the changes in China, we act as a prism to provide a richer, broader perspective of China’s progress than just a narrow “economics only” approach.

Please visit www.ichinaforum.com for more details. New content will be added to the site on a regular basis, so make sure you sign up for our newsletter or follow us on FacebookLinkedIn or Twitter.