PCFRPartner Nicholas V. Chen will deliver a presentation titled “Managing China Risk in a Changed Business Ecosystem” at the Phoenix Committee on Foreign Relations in Phoenix, Arizona on November 15, 2014 at the Gainey Ranch Golf Club.

China’s global position has changed rapidly and radically over the last 40 years. Her evolution has had an epochal impact on the world’s political, economic and social realities. The dynamics of that process will impact current and future generations in ways that are critically important to understand.

With a fast-moving examination of a variety of key macro trends, this presentation is intended to re-shape the mainstream American perspectives on US-China relations, China’s global affairs, and doing business in China. He will provide a front-line, insider view which one may not be able to see from afar.

The presentation will open with a snapshot historical perspective on China’s current rise and will cover topics such as: the evolving business ecosystem, the current anti-corruption campaigns, the current economic reforms and how they affect international business practices, the East China and South China Sea disputes, the environmental and energy challenges, the Malacca Straits energy dilemma (similar to the US Straits of Hormuz challenge of the 1970’s), and the shifting tectonic relationships with Africa, Latin America, Russia and the proposed BRICS Development Bank.

The presentation’s goal is to focus on the chess piece movements that will shape the future. A question and answer period will follow.