Personal Negative Information Report for Taiwan (Background Check)

Details of Personal Background Check Report for Taiwan (Personal Negative Information Report) as shown below. Pamir Law Group can perform the background checks to help you ensure that the backgrounds of your potential partners do not become a reputational/financial/legal liability.

For other types of background checks please see our Background Checks & Investigation page.

Personal Negative Information Report

Investigation Areas

Personal Information
  1. Basic Information
  2. Dishonored Banking Record
  3. Bounced Check Record
  4. Negative News from the Media

Languages for Reports

  • English, Chinese
  • Translation of the report into other languages is also available upon request.

Range of Reports


  • This type of report is not available for individuals in Hong Kong and China.

Information Required to Conduct the Search

  • Individual’s Taiwan ID Number

Working Days Required

3-5 days (may vary depending on the case)

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