Premium Personal Background Check Report for the US

Details of Premium Personal Background Check Report for the US as shown below. Pamir Law Group can perform the background checks to help you ensure that the backgrounds of your potential partners do not become a reputational/financial/legal liability.

For other types of background checks please see our Background Checks & Investigation page.

Company and Key Personal Background Check Report

Investigation Areas

Personal Information
  1. Social Security Number Identification
  2. SSN Address History
  3. Business Affiliations
  4. Status, Filing Dates, Addresses & Reported Officers
  5. Politically Exposed Person (PEP) Search
  6. Professional Licenses Check
  7. Analysis of License Regulatory Actions
  8. Family Background
Assets & Liabilities
  1. Bankruptcy Filings Search
  2. Tax Liens & Judgments
  3. UCC Filings
  4. Live Patents & Trademarks
  5. Financial Disclosures
Civil Litigation
  1. Civil Litigation – Federal District Level
  2. Civil Litigation – County Level
  3. Court Document Retrieval
Real Estate Ownership
  1. Real Estate – Current Ownership
  2. Real Estate – Transaction Histories
  3. Real Estate – Historical Ownership (within the last 7yrs)
  4. Real Estate Document Retrieval
Reputation & Sanctions
  1. World-Check
  2. OFAC Check
  3. SEC Sanctions Check
  4. Political Contributions (Federal & Applicable States)
  5. Public Contributions to Non-Profits & Charities
  6. Discreet Business Reputation Inquiry
Internet & Media
  1. Identification of Social Media Profiles
  2. News Articles & Press Releases
  3. Negative Media Search
  4. Analysis of Internet & Social Media
  • All information above is subject to availability on a case by case basis.
  • Information sources are from actual investigation and registry office.
  • Financial Statement is provided when it is available.
  • The report provides the most updated information available at the time.

Languages for Reports

  • English
  • Translation of the report into other languages is also available upon request.

Range of Reports

Public and Private Companies

Information Required to Conduct the Search

  1. Name
  2. Address (If Possible)
  3. Telephone Number (If Possible)

Working Days Required

14-18 days (may vary depending on the case)

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