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Nicholas V. Chen Joins 2020 Mexico Business Summit

Partner Nicholas V. Chen joined the 18th edition of the Mexico Business Summit, organized by Smadja & Smadja. The event brought together a mix of local and international experts to discuss potential opportunities and challenges facing Mexico in an ever changing global environment. Nick participated in a panel discussion titled “Readjusting global supply chains: What […]

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Sourcing Personal Protective Equipment (“PPE”) from China

Practical Tips for International Buyers The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic is driving global demand for Personal Protective Equipment (“PPE”). China is one of the world’s largest producers of PPE. Many governments and private sector distributors currently seek to establish reliable supply chains to source PPE in China in order to lessen the impact of this outbreak […]

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Cross Border Risk Management for Multinational Companies in China

Nicholas V. Chen was recently featured in a report titled “A Jurisdictional Guide of how to Manage Risk in Multinationals”, published by IR Global. In the report, which was prepared for distribution to members of the Association of Corporate Counsel, IR Global members offer their unique jurisdictional perspective on risk management for multinational companies in […]

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Nicholas V. Chen Featured in Asia Business Law Journal Article

Nicholas V. Chen was recently featured in an article titled “Cautious steps towards careful legal reform in Taiwan” and published in Asia Business Law Journal. The article also features insight from other legal professionals in Taiwan and focuses on the impact the current political environment and a variety of recent legal developments could have on […]

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Know Your Customer: Ensuring Legitimacy in Business Transactions

Nicholas V. Chen was featured in a report titled “Know Your Customer: Ensuring Legitimacy in Business Transactions”, published by IR Global. The report features advice from several IR Global members, and Nick shared his insight on China and Taiwan issues. See excerpts from Nick’s answers to the IR Global Team’s questions below. | QUESTION 1 […]

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Common Reporting Standard (CRS) FAQ

What is CRS? The Common Reporting Standard, or CRS, is a new inter-government data-collection and information-sharing program established by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (“OECD”) to improve tax collection on private wealth held overseas.

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